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Hello!  My name is Valerie Johnson.  I live in a beautiful little community just outside Austin, Texas, called Elgin, Texas.  Momma’s Moolah is a project I started after noticing most other blogs only post "best deals".  It is my hope to serve the average shopper who is not interested in creating a garage full of products that you may or may not need and who just wants to stretch your cash a little farther.

You can certainly build a stock pile from the information I share here as I have done just that!

I am married to Keith and we have 3 beautiful children, 5 dogs and 1 cat.  I have an extremely rare disease called Andersen-Tawil Syndrome that has left me unable to work.  I started using coupons out of necessity because my disability check just doesn’t stretch far enough!  This has definitely become a passion of mine!

Couponing can get into your blood and become an obsession! This is a journey!  I hope it will be a fun yet very inexpensive one! ;)