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Expired Coupons

At the beginning of each month I go through my coupons and pull out all the expired ones.  I don't throw them away, however!  Our military personnel who are stationed overseas can use these coupons up to 6 months past the expiration date!

It's important to mail expired coupons within a month or so of their expiration date due to insure that they are not past the point of use for the military.  It can take up to a month or so for the coupons to arrive at the intended destination.

I have adopted an Army post  in Okinawa, Japan to send my coupons to.  If you are interested in sending to them, the address is:

Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator
ACS - 10th ASG
Unit 35115
APO AP 96376-5115

If you'd like to adopt a different base, you can find a list here.

Before you bag up those expired coupons, however, there is a few things you need to know:

  1. Sort coupons into 2 categories:  Food and Non-Food.
  2. Please cut out all coupons.  This will save the volunteers at the bases from having to take time to do this.
  3. Place cut coupons into zippered bags according to type (food, non-food).
  4. Do not send store specific coupons as they will be unable to use them.
  5. Fill out a customs form, form 2976-A (obtained from post office).
Below is an example of a customs form filled out to help you know what to put where.  You will need to include your return address (I left it off the example).

It's a great way to help our military personnel and put expired coupons to use!

Questions?  Please ask!
Customs form Sample

You can get more information in this post!