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For My Military Readers

To my friends and family in the military:

I have located several sites just for the military that you might want to look at, bookmark and take advantage of!  I was unaware that there were special coupons just for use at the Commissary.  As you know, sales cycles at the Commissaries are not the same as civilian grocery stores.  There are 4 main sales types you need to know:

1. Saving Aisle
This is sale that runs for two or three weeks and runs from a Thursday to a Wednesday (for example Thursday May 12th to Wednesday June 1st). The sale items and their prices can be found on under the “What’s on Sale” tab. You must provide your SSN to see the prices, but the discount percentage can be seen without logging in. This is a long and extensive list and will follow the listed dates for the discount. *Note it is against Commissary policy to copy/paste this list with prices to the internet. Go here: , log in with your name, SSN, and Birthday. Then pick your Commissary at it will list all the sales items, UPC code, percentage off, and sale price.

2. Manufacturer Initiated Sales
Large Manufacturer’s will set up sales for their products at the Commissary on a regular basis. These sales generally last 15, 30, or 45 days. The items on sale can typically be seen on their military website or in the Maxi Saver or Coupon Connection (found at the link below or in the flyer area of your Commissary).

3. 1st and 16th
Prices for some items will change on the 1st and the 16th, and most of these changes cannot be seen in writing (though some will coincide with #2). The price changes will be consistent for all Commissaries and a few (but not all) can be seen in the Maxi Saver. Generally if you see an item change price on these dates you can assume they will remain on sale until the next payday.

4. Random
There are some random and inconsistent price changes in the commissaries that cannot be predicted and may not be consistent in all Commissaries. These can consist of Manager’s Specials, clearance, close-outs, Wacky Wednesdays, and other seemingly random price drops/hikes. These can be the most frustrating for couponers because they cannot be predicted, and we cannot assume a sale price at one Commissary will translate to the same sale price at another Commissary. 

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Thanks to nomadicpixie at A Full Cup for help with this information,