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Monday, March 26, 2012

Where do I start? Part 2

All You  is the best magazine for finding a lot coupons each month.  It is not uncommon to find $50 to $100 worth of coupons in each monthly publication.  It is definitely worth the subscription price! You can only get All You magazine in Walmart or through a subscription.

Many other magazines also have coupons and you can search my coupon database to see what coupons are available in the different publications.

There are many sources online for printing coupons.  Some of my favorite sites include:

You will need to install special software (it is a safe download).  You are allowed to print 2 coupons per COMPUTER.  Please resist the temptation to photocopy any coupons as this constitutes fraud and causes stores and manufacturers to further restrict the use of coupons.  

Internet printed coupons are available for limited time and the most popular ones will run out quickly.  You can print these coupons in black and white or color. 


If you don’t want to subscribe to the newspaper  or if you are needing multiple copies of a specific coupon, you might want to get coupons from a clipping service.   Newspapers often have different coupon offerings in different region so you might find higher value coupons at a clipping service than what you received in your local inserts. There are quite a few coupon services available. I have used one in particular and have been quite pleased with that one so I will only list here I do have personal experience with.

Coupon Dede is the only one I have used to date. I have never encountered any difficulties with this service and always receive my coupons quickly.  

Some people do get coupons from Ebay.  I have ordered a few and did not encounter problems.  Order from Ebay CAUTIOUSLY as some people copy coupons which is illegal.  If you decide to try Ebay, check the seller's rating and read all the reviews.  Read the description carefully to be sure you are getting what you think you are getting.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't a legitimate coupon. Another thing I have noticed on Ebay is people don't pay attention to how much they will be saving by using the coupons and many times the bidding goes way beyond what you would pay if  you paid full price for the item!  So, use good judgement.

It's important to point out here that it is illegal to buy or sell coupons and when you order from any clipping service or from Ebay, you are NOT buying the coupon.  You are paying for their time to clip, organize and ship them.


When you are going through your store you can find some really great coupons "hanging" around just waiting for you to pick them up!  These are known as:
  • Blinkies
  • Tear Pads
  • Peelies
  • Catalinas
  • Hang Tags (aka wine tags)
  • Snail Mail

BLINKIES:  Come from those little machines that are protruding from the shelf, it usually has a light that is blinking, hence the name blinkies. Don't pass these up!  Even if you are not buying the product at the time if it is a product you use, go ahead and grab a couple (note the expiration date!) to use at a later time.  Once the machine is empty you won't find that particular coupon again.

This is a blinkie machine

This is what "blinkies" look like.

TEAR PADS:  These are stuck to the shelf and you tear off each coupon (are you seeing a pattern of the names yet?). Even if you do not drink alcohol, always stroll down the beer aisle as you can find some GREAT tear pad coupons in that aisle that DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO PURCHASE ANY FORM OF ALCOHOL!  Again, take a couple if it is something you can use today or in the future (and check the expiration date) as these are also limited in number!

Tear Pad hanging on shelf

PEELIES:  You will find peelies on the actual product itself and you "peel" it off to use it.  Peelies are intended to be used on the product you are buying.  There is some controversy amongst experienced couponers about whether or not it is ethical to remove peelies if you are not buying that product at that time. My opinion is that I personally will NOT remove peelies from products unless I am buying that product at that time.  It is important, however, that if  you do purchase a product with a peelie that you do not assume the cashier will remove it and scan it.  When you get to the cashier, remove the peelie and hand it over with your other coupons.

Peelies on Dr. Pepper Bottles (my favorite kind!)

CATALINAS: These are coupons printed separately from the grocery store receipt although they are printed on receipt-like paper. Many times there are national catalina promotions that will reward you for certain purchases or they may be local coupons.  Generally, catalinas can only be used at the store you received it from.  Coupon Network provides information on national catalina promotions called Your Bucks.  It tells you what products you need to purchase to receive a catalina at checkout.

Catalina Machine

HANG TAGS: These are coupons which are "hanging" over the neck of wine bottles or other products packaged in bottles and jars. Many times these coupons are for related food products and do not specify that a purchase of the bottled item is required.

Hang Tags on Diet. Dr. Pepper Bottles

SNAIL MAIL:  There are many coupons available from manufacturer's that you can have mailed to you.  Procter & Gamble puts out a home mailer several times a year and many other stores also offer pamphlets or booklets you can get through the mail.  Many times you can also receive coupons from a manufacturer if you have written to them telling them how much you like their product.

Part III - Coupon Terminology and Organization!