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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fresh or Free Guarantee at HEB

I haven't ever talked about the Fresh or Free Guarantee at HEB (FOF) because I personally had not ever found anything that would qualify.  You will not find a written policy per se except for this excerpt found on the Produce Department Page of the HEB website.

While the above talks about produce being fresh of free, it is the policy of HEB that all of their products will be fresh or free. Here's how it works:

You find a product on the shelf that has already expired, take that product AND an identical product that is not expired to the check out and let the cashier know that item is for the Fresh or Free guarantee.  Most cashiers will know exactly what that is and what to do.  They will ring up the expired item then subtract that amount from your total under the appropriate category on the register.

It does seem that every HEB has their own rules when it comes to how many items they will honor each trip. Yesterday I found 7 bags of chips that expired in May.  This is the first time I've ever found anything expired at either of the HEB stores I frequent so I took all 7 bags along with 7 good bags with me when I checked out.  The cashier was super nice and sure enough he knew exactly what to do and took all 7.  I had him take care of that before he started ringing anything else up.

So if you find something expired, don't just leave it there!  Get a fresh item free for it!