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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Walgreens to Introduce Balance Rewards 9/16

There have been rumblings for months among serious couponers about the changes coming to Walgreens and details are finally surfacing as the launch date draws close.

The program is called Balance Rewards and it will be tied to a new loyalty card that you will have to sign up for.  Online pre-enrollment for the new card starts September 2, 2012 with the national launch set for September 16, 2012.

Here are some key points of the new program:

  • Members can earn points for making healthy choices.
  • Members may earn and redeem points both in store and on-line.
  • Exclusive benefits for AARP members.
  • A customer-friendly expiration policy.

Members will received exclusive savings every week on popular products.  You will receive points for those purchases.  You can also earn points for Walk with Walgreens, immunizations, and for prescriptions and you can redeem those points for thousands of items on-line and in store. 

Here is a breakdown of the points/rewards:

It is my understanding that Walgreens will slowly phase out the current Register Rewards program but I don't know exactly how much longer we will enjoy the benefits of RR.

My opinion:

People don't like change. I'm trying to remain neutral until I see exactly how it's going to go.  As with any new program there are going to be glitches and it will take time for everyone to learn the ways and means of the new program.  Employees began "testing" the program in mid-August so they will at least have some familiarity with the program.

I don't know if we will still be able to get some of the great deals we get now with Balance Rewards.  Point systems, in my experience, takes a while to build up so that you see any benefit, but as I said, I'm trying to remain neutral. I think it will have benefits for some while others will decide it's not worth their time.  Isn't that how most things go anyway?

Here's what the new card will look like:

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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