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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tomorrow is a BIG Insert day!

We will be getting up to (4) Inserts  in the paper tomorrow.

1 SS
1 RP
1 P&G
1 Spring Flavor Saver

I’m excited about the Spring Flavor Saver because it has a Diet Dr. Pepper Q and most of you know of my severe addiction to DDP!  I just hope that insert is in my paper in the morning!

Here are the Qs in the Spring Flavor Saver:
Expires 3/31/13 DND
  • 7UP Ten/A&W Ten/Sunkist Ten/Canada Dry Ten/RC Ten $.75/1 2-liter bottle
  • Diet 7UP/Diet A&W/Diet Sun Drop/Diet Sunkist/Diet Canada Dry $.55/2 2-liter bottles
  • Snapple $1/1 16oz 6pk diet tea or fruit drink
  • Mott's $1/1 64oz Medleys juice
  • Diet Dr Pepper/Dr Pepper Ten $.75/1 12pk or 2 2-liter bottles

Here are some highlights from the other inserts:

  • $1/3 Lean Cuisine varieties (6/3)
  • $.75/1 McCormick spice, herb, extract or food color (4/14)
  • $2/1 Right Guard Xtreme antiperspirant or deodorant (3/31)
  • $10/1 Zyrtec 70ct+ product (3/10)
  • Biore Buy any pore strip ets, get 4.5oz+ cleanser or 30ct makeup removing towelette free up to $7 (3/31)
  • $2/1 Muscle Milk 10oz 4pk (6/30)
  • $3/1 Cover Girl lash blast mascara
  • $2/1 Cover Girl blast eye shadow or liner

Click here to see what coupons you might get.  You can see regional differences here as they are posted.  I really like this because I am on 3 different coupon trains (ask me about those if you are not familiar!) and I can add those differences to my wish list!

Happy Couponing!