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Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Tax Free Time in Texas!!

It's that time again, TAX FREE shopping! It's earlier this year than it has been (8/9-8/11) be sure to check out the list of what is and is not taxable.

How much will you save? In general you will save an average of $8 per $100 spent. So how do you know what is and what is not exempt? You can read all the fine print HERE so you are fully informed as you head out this weekend!

Check out the list of retail coupons available over at Surviving The Stores and here is a list of some of the coupons available for school supplies:

- $1/1 Uni Ball BLX 3 pk+
- $2/1 any Swingline® Stapler purchase of $10 or more
- $2/1 Five Star® Binder Including Five Star® Flex Hybrid NoteBinder®
- $2/2 Five Star® Reinforced Filler Paper
- $1/2 Five Star® products, including Student Planning 
- $1/1 Dixon Ticonderoga 24 ct+ w/ Prang purchase
- $1/1 BIC, stationary product (8/4 SS)
- 50¢/1 Georgia Pacific Paper (7/28 RP)
- $2/2 Five Star, reinforced filler paper (8/4 SS)
- $2/1 Five Star, binder (8/4 SS)
- $1/2 Five Star (8/4 SS)

You can check my database for any other coupons here! Come back and let me know how you did!