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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Welcome to my inaugural blog!  This is Momma’s Moolah.  My mission is to help other families begin to save a little cash here and there through the use of coupons and sales.
I recently began using coupons as a way to help me and my husband, Keith stretch what few dollars we have a little farther.  I have learned so much thanks to various blogs and forums and the people there that so willingly share their wealth of knowledge .A month or so ago I had several friends in a couple different states ask me if I’d teach them to use coupons.  I typed up some information and directed them to 2 of the sites I frequent.
My reason for starting this blog is first to try to help my friends specifically by condensing all the information that is out there into one location.  Many just don’t have the time that I do to spend online reading and researching especially when it requires visiting various sites.
I have also noticed that among the sites that I visit, I have not found any matchups for the stores in Oklahoma and Louisiana that my friends and daughters shop, therefore, I hope to provide them with matchups specific for them.  I’ll also provide links to all the other wonderful information, sales and matchups I come across.  I hope to be a one stop shop for my family and friends.
I welcome any and all feedback to help improve this site and hope it becomes the valuable resource for you I intend for it to be!