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Monday, March 25, 2013

Jingit! A new way to shop and earn CASH!

I've got another great smartphone app for you! It's called Jingit and it's free to download and easy to use!  I mean seriously would I recommend it if it wasn't easy?!

REAL CASH in REAL TIME! No, it is not a scam or a dream. It is Jingit! Introducing a Better Way to Shop - With Jingit you can earn cash instantly online, in-store, and on the go with participating brands. You'll also receive personalized cash back offers when you shop with Jingit on your mobile device! 

It’s as easy as:

Download the Jingit mobile app – it’s FREE!

 • Check your phone or online to start watching a new engagements and give feedback to get paid REAL CASH in REAL TIME!

• Check In at your local retailer- Scan certain products and give feedback to get paid again.

• Starting in April buy products at the listed retailer- claim your offer and scan your receipt and get paid again. REAL CASH in REAL TIME!

Click here for more information!