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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

BAD Experience at Elgin HEB......Won't go back

I had the worst experience ever at the Elgin HEB tonight. I went in to get the following:

(6) Starkist Tuna Salads
(3) Precise
(1) Stayfree
(1) Clean & Clear

I tried to use:
(2) $1/3 Starkist HEB YBQ
(2) $1/1 Starkist IP -NLA
(4) $0.55/1 Starkist
(3) $3/1 Precise (5/6 SS)
(3) $2.75/1 Precise HEB YBQ
(1) $2/1 Stayfree (7/22 SS)
(1) $1.25/1 Stayfree HEB YBQ
(1) $2/1 Clean & Clear HEB YBQ
(1) $1/1 Clean & Clear

All the coupons of course had the new barcode. Last week there was one register at this HEB that actually scanned the new barcode but that register had a long line so I chose a different line because I hadn't been having any problems with them keying in the coupons for a while.

The cashier started keying in the coupons and the stayfree wouldn't take. He went ahead and scanned the yellow coupons then tried again to key in the Stayfree. He tried under several different departments, with tax, without tax and nothing worked so he called over the CSM. He told her he has having trouble with that coupon and she looked at my other coupons he had stacked up there and she said "she's using too many coupons"!!!

I said "No, I'm not. I don't have more coupons than I have product for." Then she said "well, we can't take these (pointing to the IPs) because they won't scan."

I said "Yes you can, I've been using them here, at Bastrop and in Austin without any problems. They have to be keyed in because your registers won't scan the new barcode." So she called the manager and grabbed all my coupons and stepped away and said something to him out of my hearing and he approached me. I immediately said "Don't tell me I can't use those because I know I can, I have." He said, "Well I'm sorry that others have mislead you but if they don't scan we don't take them."

I asked him if he was aware that the new barcode won't scan even on the insert coupons and he said "It doesn't matter, if they don't scan we don't take them." So I said (and yes by this time I was beyond pissed) you realize that very soon ALL coupons will only have that barcode and he said "not here." I said again, "yes, here and everywhere, that will be the only barcode on all coupons" and he said again "NOT HERE." So I grabbed my coupons and left and immediately called San Antonio.

The Customer Service rep I talked with said "They should all know by now that yes they have to key in all coupons with that barcode". I told her the thing is the coupon that was causing problems wasn't even an IP coupon! So she asked if I wanted a call back and I said YES and gave her my name and number.

I refuse to go back into that store unless I receive an apology and it's only 2 miles from my home. I'd rather drive 20 miles to Bastrop or Austin. I did drive to Bastrop and did that transaction and all coupons SCANNED except for the Stayfree (same coupon that was causing problems in Elgin). She had trouble keying it in (FYI it has to be put under Drug Store Tax and No Foodstamps which is why the other cashier couldn't get it to go, he never tried that department).

I always try to remain calm but when they get an attitude with me, I give them one right back. I was fuming! The manager never even asked exactly what the problem was and the CSM just immediately assumed I was trying to do something fraudulent.

I know it's not exactly what the manager said, but my inference is that the Elgin HEB will not take ANY coupons if they don't scan, internet printable or otherwise based on what he did say exactly.  I have always been an HEB champion, encouraging people to give them a chance and trying to explain how to save the most money there.  It is not convenient for me at all to drive 20 miles to another HEB but I will because I will not be treated like a criminal. 

I will await the phone call and we will see how that goes but unless I receive an apology from the CSM and manager I will not go back into the Elgin HEB and I will not encourage anyone else to do so either.

Couponers beware, the ELGIN HEB may not take any of your coupons!