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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

HEB Deals 6/19-6/25

HEB stores are exclusive for Texas.  These prices and coupons are from the Central Texas sales ad.  Prices and deals vary by region so YMMV. You can find the HEB Coupon policy here.  The policy is new as of 1/29/13 and you can no longer use both store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on one item.  Information about using coupons at HEB can be found here.

Don’t forget to check out Ibotta and Endorse!

New P&G Promo 6/12-6/25: buy $30 in P&G products* in a single transactions, get a $10 CAT to be used between 6/26-7/9. *Promo only includes Crest, Gillette, Old Spice, Head & Shoulders, Pantene and Vidal Sassoon.

Buy any Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor or Gillette Fusion Disposable Razors 2 ct
Get Gillette Fusion Shave Gel 5.9-7 oz FREE
- $3/1 Gillette Fusion ProGilde Razor or ProGlide Styler, excludes travel or trial (6/16 RP)
- $2/1 Gillette, disposable razor, excludes travel & trial (6/16 RP)

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler $18.74
- $5/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler, excludes travel & trial (6/16 RP)

Buy Gillette Fusion ProGlide 4 ct Cartridges $16.97
Buy Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor $9.47
Buy Gillette Fusion Shave Gel $3.94
- $10/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor WYB Cartridge, 4 ct+, excludes trial (6/2 P&G)
- BOGO Gillette Fusion Shave Gel FREE HEB YQ
Pay $16.44 OOP and get $10 CAT back

Buy (2) Pantene $3.98
Buy (4) Oral B Electric toothbrush refills $6.34
- $3/2 Pantene, excludes trial or Expert Collection (6/2 P&G)
- $7/1 Oral B rechargeable toothbrush or replacement heads 2 or 3 ct, excludes Costco Professional Care Advantage Dual Handle Pack, excludes trial (6/2 P&G)
Pay $2.32 OOP and get $10 CAT back!
*Thank you tagarza at AFC for this scenario

Buy (4) Gillette Fusion Disposable 2 ct $6.97
Buy (1) Gillette Fusion Shave Gel $3.94
- $2/1 Gillette Fusion ProSeries Skin Care, shave prep (5/12 P&G)
- B1G1 Gillette, male disposable, up to $11.49, excludes trial (6/2 P&G)
Pay $15.88 OOP and get $10 CAT back!

89¢ off Trident, Dentyne or Stride Multipack Gum 3 pk $1.88

Buy (2) HEB Wavy Potato Chips 11 oz
Get HEB Cheese Puffs or Balls 9.75 oz FREE

50¢ off Hamburger Buns 8 ct made in store $2.50

Buy 1 lb of Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fillets
Get TrueFire Gourmet Cedar Grilling Plank FREE

Buy HEB Extra Virgin Olive Oil 17 oz
Get HEB 100% Whole Wheat Pasta 13.25 oz and
Get HEB Healthy Pasta Sauce 15.5 oz FREE

$1.50 off HEB Premium Applewood Sliced Bacon 24 oz

Buy HEB Prime 1 Seasoned Ground Chuck Sliders
Get Pepperidge Farm Classic Sliders Mini Sandwich Buns 12 ct FREE

Buy Hellmann’s Mayo 22 oz
Get ¼ lb of HEB Turkey or Ham from the deli

Buy (2) HEB Chef Prepared Dips 10-16 oz
Get HEB Deli Zesty Kosher Pickles 32 oz FREE

Buy Boursin Cheese 5.2 oz
Get $2 off HEB Ground Chuck 16 oz roll

$2 off any Revlon Cosmetic Product or Beauty Tool valued at $3.50 or more

$1.50 off L’Oreal Revitalift Cleansing Towelettes 30 ct, Cream Cleanser 5 oz or Youth Code Foaming Gel Cleanser 8 oz wyb any L’Oreal Revitalift or Youth Code Moisturizer or Treatment

$5 off (2) L’Oreal Preference Hair Color

$2 off any Marc Anthony Salon Hair Products

$1 off any (2) Wet ‘n Wild cosmetics

Buy (1) Orchid Nail Polish
Get 2nd FREE

$2 off any Milani Cosmetics

$2 off any Nutra Nail Gel Perfect Gel Color Manicure

Organix Shampoo or Conditioner 13 oz or Body Wash, Lotion or Body Oil 2/$10

50¢ off Speed Stick, Lady Speed Stick or Teen Spirit APDO 2.3-3.25 oz

$1 off Bic Men’s Comfort 3, Twin Select, Women’s Silky Touch or Silky Touch 3 Disposable Razors 4-10 ct

50¢ off Irish Spring Bar Soap 8 ct

Buy Playtex Tampons 36 ct + $6.97
Get Stayfree Maxi Pads 14-24 ct or Carefree Pantiliners 20-22 ct FREE
- $1/1 Playtex Gentle Glide, tampons or sport tampons (6/9 SS)

$1 off Dial or Dial for Men Body Wash 16-18 oz

$1 off Excedrin Migraine or ES Pain Caplets 24 ct

$5 off wyb $10 or more of Nature’s Bounty Supplements
- $2/1 Nature's Bounty, vitamin or supplement (6/16 RP)

$2 off Brawny Pick-a-size 6 Big Rolls $8.47

$1 off All Liquid 84-100 loads or Small & Mighty Liquid 96 loads or Mighty Pacs 72 loads

$2 off HCF Bite Size Dry Dog Food 20 lb $10.48

Buy HEB Grand Champion Charcoal Briquets 16.6 lb
Get HEB Charcoal Lighter Fluid 32 oz FREE

$1 off Boogie Wipes for Stuff Noses 90 ct $7.97

Buy (3) Gerber Organic 2nd Baby Foods Pouches
Get 4th FREE

Buy HEB Premium Smoked Sausage regular pack
Get HEB Texas Style Rice 10.3-11 oz and
Get HEB Crescent Rolls 8 ct FREE

Buy Oscar Mayer Selects Beef Franks 15-16 oz
Get Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese 7-8 oz FREE

Buy Hillshire Farm UltraThin Lunchmeat 16 oz
Get Hellmann’s Mayo 15 oz FREE

Buy Tyson Bagged Chicken Nuggets, Wings, Bruschetta, Tenders, Patties, Sandwiches or Bread Bowls 16-32 oz
Get Simply Mashed Potatoes 20-24 oz
- $1/1 Tyson Stuffed mini bread bowls, breakfast bowls, or mini chicken sandwiches (5/5 SS)
- 75¢/1 Tyson Crispy Chicken Strips (4/28 SS)

Buy HEB Fully Cooked Meatballs 35 oz
Get HEB Parmesan or Romano Cheese 8 oz FREE

Buy (2) HEB Corn Chips 10.5 oz
Get Red Diamond Tea 128 oz FREE

Buy Cheez-it Snack Crackers 9.75-13.7 oz
HEB CHZ2 Baked Cheese Crackers 9 oz FREE

Buy Hellmann’s Mayo 22 oz
Get Hellmann’s Real or Limited Edition Mayo 9 oz FREE

Buy Gorton’s Fish Sticks, Fillets or Grilled Salmon or Tilapia Fillets 6.3-11.4 oz
Get Bush’s Best Pinto Beans 16 oz and
Get Uncle Ben’s Ready Rize 8.5-8.8 oz FREE

Buy any PediaSure or PediaSure Sidekicks Shake or Drink
Get 3 lb of Bananas FREE
- $2/1 Pediasure or Sidekicks Product (6/9 SS)

Buy any HEB Professional Cosmetic Make Up Brush
Get Evergreen Cushion Hair Brush FREE

Buy HEB Complete or Ultimate Complete MV 100 ct
Get HEBuddy Chewable Vit 60 ct FREE

Buy HEB Baby Soft ‘n Snug Jumbo Pack Diapers 23-50 ct
Get HEB Baby Wipes 64-72 ct FREE

Buy HCF Dino Nuggets 28 oz
Get HEB Easy Melt Shells & Cheese 12 oz and
Get an American Children’s Book FREE

Buy HEB Fully Cooked Burgers 8 pk 24-32 oz AND
Buy HEB Premium Bacon 12 oz
·         Get the following 5 ingredients FREE:
·         Kraft Natural Cheese Slices 7-8 oz
·         HEB Kettle Cooked Potato Chips 8-8.5 oz
·         HEB Soft Drink 2L
·         French’s Yellow Squeeze Mustard 8 oz
·         Whataburger Fancy or Spicy Ketchup 20 oz